P3 for Maintenance is a specialized pharmaceutical formulation (locally applied
antibiotic/LAA/active ingredient doxycycline) to be used by the dentist or dental
hygienist to prevent and/or manage periodontal diseases. During dental hygiene
procedures, it is very important to create a biologically friendly environment at the cellular and molecular levels for maintenance and regeneration of periodontal hard and soft tissues. P3 for Maintenance accomplishes these goals. P3 for Maintenance has application for teeth as well as dental implants. P3 for Maintenance - partial mouth is formulated to be used for patients that have 6 to 8 of their teeth (and/or dental implants) remaining. P3 Maintenance has the following unique properties:

Physiological pH: Inflamed periodontal tissues have an acidic pH which is very
damaging to periodontal hard and soft tissues. An acidic pH facilitates the growth of pathogenic periodontal bacteria…..and suppresses the growth of periodontal friendly bacteria. P3 formulations are buffered to a normal 7.0 pH to create an environment conducive to maintenance and regeneration of periodontal tissues.

Anticollagenase: The first step in soft tissue or bony periodontal healing is the
formation of a collagen matrix. In a diseased periodontal site, the high concentration of the harmful enzyme collagenase rapidly breaks down the newly formed collagen produced by fibroblasts. P3 formulations are a potent neutralizer of the harmful enzyme collagenase.

Microbial Specificity: The antibiotic active ingredient (doxycycline) in P3 for Maintenance targets the pathogenic bacteria found in diseased periodontal tissues.

Calcium Supersaturation: In order to drive the osteogenic/osteoclastic equilibrium in the direction of bone formation (osteogenesis), there must be a readily available source of free calcium in the area. P3 formulas are supersaturated with calcium.

Substantivity: Because the antibiotic active ingredient in P3 has the ability to
reversibly bind (not irreversibly bond) to alveolar bone and root surfaces, it is slowly released over an extended period of time to maintain and regenerate periodontal tissues.

Proper Concentration: There is an exact concentration of antibiotic active ingredient that must be present to achieve the desired clinical results. If this concentration is higher or lower than the required concentration, there will be no benefit to the application of LAA. P3 products are guaranteed to have this exact proper concentration.


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