P3 Comfort is a clinician and patient friendly topical local anesthetic gel. It can be applied supragingivally as a preinjection agent, subgingivally prior to SRP, regular dental hygiene appointments or tissue retraction/cord placement.

Since crevicular fluid is water based, P3 Comfort is manufactured in water based formula. P3 Dental is the only company that manufactures both LAA (locally applied antibiotics/P3 Maintenance) and topical anesthetic (P3 Comfort). When using products from different manufacturers chemical incompatibilities often occur. If a water based product is mixed with an oil based product, they block each other and produce unacceptable clinical results. All P3 products are chemically compatible and complement each other. 

The active ingredients in P3 Comfort are an exact, effective and safe concentration of prilocaine and lidocaine. To avoid adverse cardiac events, there are no vasoconstrictor additives in P3 Comfort.  Prilocaine produces an immediate short acting result while the longer acting lidocaine is taking effect. P3 Comfort does NOT use benzocaine in its formulation because benzocaine has the possibility to cause allergic reactions and the life threatening condition of methemoglobinemia.

The bitter taste of prilocaine and lidocaine has been removed from P3 Comfort. This produces a pleasant taste for the patient.

The clinician friendly P3 Mark II flexible micro tubular dispensing tip (with memory) makes dispensing above or below the gum line very easy. No metal needles or cannulas are involved.

P3 Comfort comes in a 3cc syringe with 2cc of topical anesthetic.
P3 Comfort applied as a PRE INJECTION agent.
P3 Comfort applied for subgingival SRP.



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